This is how your consultation will work!

  • Step 1Discovery

    After you make your booking, we will send you a detailed financial questionnaire to establish your current financial situation. Your information is completely secure

  • Step 2Analysis & Evaluation

    Your information will be analysed by one of our certified financial planners, assessing your current and future financial projections.

  • Step 3Consultation & Presentation

    The initial meeting will take place with your adviser who will present to you a detailed cash flow model of how you'd fare out financially in the future. Your financial goals and objectives will then be discussed and recommendations will be made.

  • Step 4Implementation

    Your adviser will create your personalised financial plan based on your discussions in the consultation and help put the steps in place to reach your goals and objectives..

  • Step 5Review

    In order keep up with changing circumstances, and ensure your plan continues to be relevant to you, a structured review strategy will be put in place.

Benefits of Financial Planning With Us

  • We will help you to develop a clear understanding of your current situation, and future needs, and assist you in arranging your finances accordingly.
  • By allocating income and investments effectively, we can help you to avail of significant tax savings.
  • The financial planning framework evaluates your current investments, and we will ensure they suit your goals and are diversified to reflect your attitude to risk.
  • A financial plan offers peace of mind, from knowing that you will be able to retire in comfort, to having a plan in place to cope with a long-term illness or injury.
  • Our plans our reviewed regularly, meaning we will help you adapt to changing circumstances, regulations and personal goals.

What can Voyant do for you?

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