Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Most of our significant life goals, such as retirement, putting a child through college, marriage or buying a house, will heavily impact our finances. In order to plan for your future and how you can achieve these goals, it is important to have a financial plan in place.

There are many complexities involved when it comes to analysing your current financial situation, and planning for the future – examining investments, taxes and cash flow can be time-consuming and confusing. We offer an expert, objective opinion, and analyse your situation to prepare a comprehensive financial plan aligned with your objectives. We will also review the plan on an ongoing basis, and implement changes on your behalf.

A professional financial plan will provide you with peace of mind, and a much greater sense of control of your finances.

The Financial Planning Process

  • Step 1Initial Meeting

    At the initial meeting, we discuss the financial planning process, and outline the procedure.

  • Step 2Gathering Information

    To correctly establish an overall picture of your finances, goals (short, medium and long term), and attitude to risk, a detailed financial questionnaire will be completed.

  • Step 3Analysis & Evaluation

    When all the necessary information has been gathered, it will be analysed in order to fully understand how the client’s current finances can be optimised to achieve their objectives. This process includes determining how well the client’s investments match up to their risk profile, analysing tax efficiency etc.

  • Step 4Presentation

    After all of the information has been reviewed, we will prepare a detailed financial plan, outlining our recommendations based on the client’s objectives. After the plan has been presented, we will thoroughly discuss the plan and address any questions or concerns, and review the plan if necessary.

  • Step 5Implementation

    Once the plan has been agreed upon, we will then handle all of the changes required on your behalf, to ensure all items are completed as agreed.

  • Step 6Review

    In order to adapt to changing circumstances, and ensure the strategy continues to be relevant to the client’s requirements, a structured review strategy will be put in place.

Benefits of Financial Planning

  • We will help you to develop a clear understanding of your current situation, and future needs, and assist you in arranging your finances accordingly.
  • By allocating income and investments effectively, we can help you to avail of significant tax savings.
  • The financial planning framework evaluates your current investments, and we will ensure they suit your goals and are diversified to reflect your attitude to risk.
  • A financial plan offers peace of mind, from knowing that you will be able to retire in comfort, to having a plan in place to cope with a long-term illness or injury.
  • Our plans our reviewed regularly, meaning we will help you adapt to changing circumstances, regulations and personal goals.

Financial Planning FAQ's

Do I need Financial Planning assistance?
Any individual who wants to take control of their finances can benefit from our services. We work with a wide range of clients, from all walks of life. Our expert analysis can help you identify your financial goals, and how they can be achieved.
How can I obtain the financial products you recommend?
Once the details of the plan are finalised, we will deal with the product providers on your behalf, and update your financial portfolio accordingly.
Am I obligated to purchase the products you recommend?
There will never be any obligation on you to purchase any of the products we recommend. We always undertake to develop the most suitable financial plan to reflect your goals and current situation, and we will address any concerns after the initial presentation.

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