Irish Life: Get Will Wise

Irish Life: Get Will Wise

September 19, 2014

453617915You never know what’s around the corner – that’s why planning ahead with life insurance is so important. You can have peace of mind that should something happen to you, your family won’t have to struggle financially.

For a limited time, Irish Life are offering a free basic will at no additional cost when you buy a life assurance plan.

More than 2 out of 3* adults in Ireland don’t have any formal will in place. A will is an important document and makes sure your wishes are carried out if you die. It means you can set out how you want your assets divided out, also if you are married or have children it will set out how you will provide for them. Without a will the division of your assets can take longer and may not be carried out how you want it to be.

*Source: Coyne Research on behalf of Irish Life July 2014

What is the offer?

You can get a basic will completed with one of the panel of independent solicitors listed for no additional charge.
A basic will is usually:

– a will for married couples and civil partners (where the main people benefiting under the will are the husband/wife/partner and children); or

– a will with a limited number of people benefiting from it (such as close relatives or a preferred charity)

The majority of wills drawn up are basic wills, however this will depend on the complexity of your estate. If the will you need is more complicated the solicitor will agree an extra fee with you above the basic will costs covered by Irish Life. Some examples of situations that may require a more complicated will are co-habiting couples (particularly those who own their home together) or people who have large business interests.

How do I avail of the offer?

– Apply for a new protection plan to suit your needs between 22 September and 17 October 2014 inclusive.

– If you are accepted and start the plan on or before 28 November 2014, you will be sent a voucher to arrange your will.

Click Here to download full details, and terms and conditions

If you would like to avail of this offer, or simply find out more about your options, contact us on (042) 9352287, or email

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